Support for refugee Mothers and CHildren 

Welcome Foundation works with Greek non-profits and groups who support the special needs of women, pregnant women, lactating women, babies and children, in Greece. These are particularly vulnerable groups and we look for ways we can support their nutritional, hygiene, and health needs being met, as well as the need for security and community. For women and young children, life as a refugee presents particularly precarious living situations, and to address this, Welcome Foundation seeks out groups and programs offering protected spaces for women and young children, most often by way of offering services of some sort. Below are some examples of projects and activities Welcome Foundation has sought out in Greece to meet this objective.

Activities Supporting Women Refugees and their children


Welcome Foundation has been supporting the work of a local team on Chios that both meets landings of refugees and hosts a safe space for families outside of the camp. Purchases in Greece of diapers/wipes, underwear, leggings, and sanitary products help this team do its work supporting refugees and grant some amount of dignity to refugee families seeking safety. Refugees receive these goods, always bought locally in Greece, either when they arrive on Greek shores or when they sign up to come from the camp to the family center, where they can take a hot shower and receive a change of clothes and toiletries. 

Because of the particular vulnerability of women in transit, Welcome Foundation has covered a portion of the cost of certain programs for refugee women in Greece. The nutritional support program for pregnant and lactating mothers at Amurtel Greece for Refugee Mothers and Babies was sponsored by Welcome for a period. As well, Welcome Foundation contributed significantly to the outfitting of a women's space developed by an independent Greek volunteer. This center provides a protected space for women to get personal self-care, share community, and restore much-needed dignity. The center, originally created for Skaramangas Refugee Camp in Athens, is now serving refugees in its new home at Kara Tepe Refugee Camp in Lesvos. This center is exactly the sort of "safe space" for women that we seek out because we know how important it is for women living a  precarious existence in a camp.

ACTIVITIES SUPPORTING CHILDREN- Welcome Foundation partners with local groups to host activities for REFugee kids.


Welcome Foundation makes contributions to the food bill at a program for unaccompanied minors (refugees) in Chios, Ark of the World. Contributions are made for special events such as Easter, so the children can join in celebrations.

Periodically Welcome Foundation teams up wth our friends at Allied Aid, an American non-profit, to give the kids a few breaks from life in a camp. Adventures included going ice skating, visiting Santa's Village, participating in an Athens beach clean up, and always grabbing snacks and meals out. We love the kids getting a break from camp, being part of their larger community, and simply having fun grabbing a burger together in a safe environment.