Programs in Camps in Greece

We work with local organizations to develop programs that have long-term benefit to the refugees who will now be calling Greece home for the foreseeable future. The programs currently in development are varied, from health-based to education-based, but all have improving the quality of life of refugees and promoting safety and autonomy in common. 


Support for Refugee Women, including Pregnant and Lactating Women, and their Children

Welcome Foundation is focusing on the particular needs of an especially vulnerable population: refugee mothers and young children. To that end, we seek out and partner with Greek non-profits and groups who have quality projects to serve these particular groups. Given the relative danger experienced by women and young children who are either living in camps or in squats, we have a  particular interest in "safe spaces" for women and their children. A "safe space" could be a space that provides medical care/consultation, education, or simply a space to have tea with other women or have their hair done, but is protected and offers the chance to enjoy safety and community for a period of time, at the very least. 


Planting Hope: Field Garden Project

Welcome Foundation and another U.S. non-profit, Americans for Refugees in Crisis, jointly developed an organic field garden at Softex Camp in Thessaloniki in 2016. 


Women's Learning Center

In December 2016, we sent, in partnership with Americans for Refugees in Crisis, two ISO boxes (converted/insulated containers with windows and doors) to Oinofyta Refugee Camp to house a learning center for women and girls, run by U.S. non-profit, Do Your Part.


Activities for Children

As part of our work in refugee communities that are in transit, stranded, and in more stable situations, we provide some form of entertainment for the children. Children in these situations are seeing and experiencing things beyond their years and understanding; we provide entertainment to bring them back to the simple joys of being a child. We've sent toys (finger puppets, match box cars, balls, stuffed animals, and other small toys) to refugee camps. We also continue to provide activities for kids (art activities, face painting, soccer, ice cream, ice skating) inside and outside of refugee camps in Greece. 

Kids drawing at a refugee camp in Greece.

Kids drawing at a refugee camp in Greece.

Sending Winter Clothing to Greece

Starting in the winter of 2015-2016, we sent warm winter clothing donated by various communities in the United States (Greek churches, preschool and elementary schools in California, as well as many caring individuals across the country) to Greece. These donations were sent to where the need was greatest at that particular moment - Lesvos, Idomeni, or Thessaloniki. 

We continue to send clothing periodically through our friends at No Place Like Home, a U.S. non-profit based in Atlanta, Georgia, that sends clothing to Greece.

Clothing donations sent via container - from the sorting process in Boston to the arrival of the container in Thessaloniki, the unloading and distribution effort, and finally the empty warehouse. 


We seek to spread interest and education around the current Refugee Crisis. Our Student Ambassador program is a great opportunity for students who are interested in social justice and humanitarian causes to get involved and make a difference. It is also a wonderful way to showcase initiative, organizational and leadership skills, and ability to make a commitment and contribute to something that is not of direct benefit.


Corporate Partnerships and Other ways to support Welcome Foundation


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